We hosted Santa at our company’s Christmas party.  He arrived prior to the event and assembled a very cute “Santa Throne” and placed it next to the Christmas Tree we had brought.  Once the event started, he burst into the ballroom with sleigh bells ringing and a merry Ho-Ho-Ho!  He had a giant sack of gifts (we provided these).  Our 350 guests were thrilled and applauded loudly.  He “got the party started” with a group sing of “Here Comes Santa Claus”.  He then picked out a guest and proceeded to demonstrate she was full of Christmas Magic!  Somehow he plucked a glowing ball of light from her hand and it became a gorgeous 14k gold, commemorative Santa coin which she got to keep!  Our guest all loved it!  For the remainder of the party, each guest got to give Santa their “wish list” and get a photo with him.  We’ll be inviting Santa again next year!

Melinda S. – Nike