Santa & Mrs. Claus love to stay busy and spread holiday magic!  That is why we offer the community a wide array of services.  We offer these services all year around.

Letters from Santa –   Your child will be so excited when they receive their Letter and personal file in the mail from Santa!  Each letter is personalized for the child using information you provide.  The letter and file are written on antiqued parchment paper and sealed with a real wax seal.     Buy now

A Video Call with Santa – Imagine the look on your child’s face when they look at your smartphone and see either Skype or Facetime ringing with a Caller I.D. that says Santa is calling!  Each call lasts about 10 minutes.  Using information you provide in advance, Santa will visit with your child.  During the call, Santa will discuss anything from the child’s pets and siblings to school and behaviors they need to work on to remain on the Nice List!  This is a wonderful way for your child to interact with Santa on a personal level!  Buy Now

Christmas Eve Visit with Santa – Do your children want to “catch” Santa on Christmas Eve? Imagine if “T’was the Night Before Christmas” came to life in your home!  It can.  When you book, Santa will arrive on Christmas Eve, load the gifts you provide into his toy sack and enter your home to the sound of sleigh bells.  Your kids can “catch” him as he fills the stockings and places the presents under the tree.  If you wish, Santa will interact with the kids and pose for photos or he can simply leave quietly after the presents are placed and the stockings filled.  Either way, it will be a magical memory for your family!  Email for quote

Santa / Mrs. Claus Appearance – Are you having a Family Christmas Party?  Maybe a Company Party.  How about a Parade or Tree Lighting?    Maybe your kids want to bake cookies with Mrs. Claus!  Whatever the event, Santa and Mrs. Claus can be there!  Visits are arranged in 1 hour blocks.  During the visit, Santa and/or Mrs. Claus will visit with all the children and party guests, pose for pictures, read Twas’ the Night Before Christmas and hand out any presents you provide.  Make your Event magical!  Email for quote

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