How I navigate

Ever wonder how I navigate on Christmas Eve? I have a Magic Map of course! As I travel, each new segment of my route magically appears on the map for the reindeer and me to follow. It shows us heading, altitude and obstacles. It even shows us where the current way stations are where we will rest and reload toys onto the sleigh! Here is what it looks like before we head out.

This year and cookies

As many of you know, every year Mrs. Claus and friends and family gather on one day in November for a special Cookie Day! This year was no exception! In addition to Santa’s favorite, Snickerdoodles, they baked more than 10 other types and more than 5 batches of each. Here are a couple of pictures from mid-way through the day.


This Thanksgiving Eve, Mrs. Claus and I want to wish all of you a wonderful holiday! We hope that you and your families have a terrific day of thanks and joy. We also hope you’ll take a moment and help those in need by donating to Secret Santa Charities. Our partnership with them is on track to help at least 100 families this year. Your donation could make it 101! To help, click here.



Mrs. Claus and I were doing some rearranging and came across a photo album. It was our vow renewals from a few years ago! I thought you all might enjoy seeing it. She still takes my breath away after all these centuries!