Well, Christmas is over. I have rested. It is time to begin to divulge my story and secrets! Let’s begin with some history…

Many centuries ago, I was known simply as Nicholas. I lived in a simple wooden house (I still do) with my wife. Our humble home stood upon a hill overlooking our small village. I was blessed with the ability to carve almost anything I wanted from wood. Toys were my personal favorite! However, only wealthy people could afford to spend money on items such as toys.

Having seen the joy that my toys brought to those children whose parents could afford them, I couldn’t bear the thought that the majority of the children in my village couldn’t afford them! Therefore, throughout the year, as time and money allowed, I carved extra wooden toys and my wife sewed dolls during our evenings.

Upon the Eve of Christmas, I would silently glide through the village in my sleigh. At each home where a child lived, I would leave a toy or a doll on the doorstep. As dawn would arrive, my wife and I would stand outside our front door and listen to the squeals of joy as each item was discovered by an overjoyed child. I did this for many years until my beard grew white and the twilight of my life began.

In a time when humans were living the early chapters of their story and for thousands of years before, magic was as commonplace and as accepted as the wind and rain. In fact, many magical races shared our planet!

As the human population grew, most of the magical races were forced into hiding. This included Elves. Now, while their numbers have decreased radically, they do still exist! Why am I so sure? Well, let me tell you. One Christmas Eve, as I finished my rounds, snow fell heavily. I was tired and eager to be home. Moving slowly through the falling snow, I found myself faced by a group of very small people who appeared to be Elves. They greeted me politely. They told me that they sensed that man was growing in despair and darkness. They indicated that the fate of man was intertwined with their fate as well. In fact, the High Council of Elves had foretold that it must be a man who brought hope and compassion to mankind if Man and Elves were to survive.

Needless to say, I was astonished by what they were saying. Therefore it was with great surprise that I shortly found my wife and I following these wondrous little people through the falling snow. We traveled for hours when suddenly the falling snow ceased and before us lay a mysterious village. At this point, the lead Elf told us that we had been chosen to continue the work we had already begun only now we would be delivering the gift of toys to children of the entire world!

Thus begins my story and you now know the beginning of my secrets! More to come!!! Happy New Year!

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